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19 April 2009 @ 10:31 pm
Testing post  
So Dana told me my postings weren't showing up so I'm posting this to the public to see if it can be read and is it isn't anything special, just my thoughts on some of the Guilty Gear characters.

Sol Badguy - Considering the fact his real name is Freddrick, Sol Badguy is an improvement. Before I even played this game, I thought Sol and Ky would look cute together as noncanon Yaoi couple. Then I played the game and can't stand how out of character they are in Yaoi doujinshis, is just not right.

Ky Kiske - Nice guy that seems like he has a stick up his ass.

Bridget - I laugh at the fact more guys fap to him than girls do :3

Jam - She is Shampoo of Guilty Gear. Basically the same annoying voice and works in a Chinese restaurant. Only difference, no Ranma.

I-no - CHEAP! SO FUCKING CHEAP! DIE BITCH DIE! (Sorry Dana, I mean I just dislike her. And yeah I know just use the instant KILL move and I'm working on that)

ABA - And your purpose is....?

Dizzy - Mascot of the series
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